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Life is not meant to be lived alone. Whether you're new to UCC, or have attended for a long time, stepping out to grow with other believers is a powerful step in your journey with Christ. UCC’s Mission is to “make disciples that love God, love people and love our city” and these Connect and Growth groups are designed to help you to live out that mission.

There are lots of way to connect with God and others - check it out! 

Groups On UCC Campus

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7:00 AM              Men's Bible Study   (Fellowship Hall)  

11:00 AM             Searchers Bible Study   (Room 214)

11:00 AM             Nurturers Bible Study   (Room 213)


7:00 PM UCC Community Prayer Group (Church Offices)


9:00 AM             M.O.P.s  (Moms of Preschoolers)    2nd Wednesdays of each month 

5:30 PM Women’s Prayer Group (Room 219)                                               

7:00 PM             Veracity  (Wednesday Bible studies for the whole family, Fall and Spring sessions)                                                                                            


9:30 AM         Thrive Women's Bible Study  (Missions Cafe)


7:00 PM 12TWO Fridays for Middle School and High School Students

Veracity Growth nights

Veracity Wednesdays is spiritual growth night for the whole family - all the way from UCC KiDs, 12/2 Students, to senior adults. Twice a year, these 8 week courses of study, offer classes taught by experienced and relevant teachers.

The next Veracity Wednesdays begins on September 25, and each week begins with community worship at 7:00pm, followed by studies at 7:30 to 8:30pm.

Check out the class selection and sign up here

Off Campus Community Groups

Life is not meant to be lived alone. No matter who you are, joining an Oikos Group is key to helping you live in community, serve the community and build friendships!  The Greek word, "oikos" means extended family. Life is just better together. 

These “extended family” groups meet all over the Los Angeles area, coming together in homes and studying the Bible. Join one of the Oikos small groups for 8 weeks, twice a year, and make a difference in your community, for your community.

The next session of Oikos group meetings starts January 2020.

Building Community On-line

For more information, there is a very helpful and user friendly online solution called CCB (Church Community Builder) for UCC ministries and family information. As part of the UCC church community, you are invited to utilize the benefits and connection point by creating a log in.

When you log-in to CCB, you will be able to view the UCC calendar of events, edit your own profile information, connect with groups you are participating in, and see your own giving record, events you might be interested in, and easily communicate with other members, and much more! Check out CCB today here.