What is The Filling Station?

The Filling Station is a UCC ministry that provides food and toiletries to those in need.  All those in need are welcome, only a photo I.D. and completed information sheet is required.

When is it and where do I go?

The Filling Station is open weekly, on Mondays, from 2pm-4:00pm (except on major holidays).  The Filling Station is open on the parking lot side of our campus.  

  • Address: View Map

  • 5831 W. Centinela Ave.

  • Los Angeles, CA 90045

If traveling by bus, take either 110 or 217 to Centinela/Green Valley.


How can I help the Filling Station?

You can volunteer during Filling Station hours. Volunteers can stay the entire time or for an hour at a time. 

You can donate.  All food and resources given out from the Filling Station are supplied from generous donations.  Click here for a list of items accepted by the Filling station. You may drop off any donations at the UCC front office during office hours, or in the lobby on Sunday mornings before worship.  

You can pray.  The Filling Station exists through prayer.  Please keep praying for this ministry, that it would reach many and continue to be filled and emptied each week.

You can spread the word. Please tell others about the Filling Station! 

Bag of Fixins’

Collecting until November 24

Bag of Fixins 2019 1.png

Thanksgiving is just around the corner UCC. Let's come together to "Love our City" through our Filling Station Ministry and bless those in need with a "Bag of Fixins’". Fill a bag with all the the Fixins’ needed for families to enjoy a complete Thanksgiving dinner. In this season let's be thankful for all we have by blessing others. 

View the list of items to fill your bags


For more information, or to get involved, contact Oscar.